Come spend a week full of jazz atmosphere

7. - 11. August 2023 | Piešťany, Slovakia
At the Dodo Šošoka International Jazz Workshop, scheduled to be held in Piešťany from August 7-11, 2023, you can expect exceptional jazz teachers, well-established teaching methodologies, a comprehensive range of topics, and various concerts and collaborative playing opportunities. The spa town's distinct genius loci adds to the unique experience.

Interested individuals can apply to participate until August 1, 2023.

It's not surprising that the jazz music workshop in Piešťany has been named in honor of Jozef "Dodo" Šošoka, a renowned jazz musician, percussionist, and drummer. He founded and promoted jazz in Piešťany, bringing high-quality music from all around the world for several decades.

The primary aim of the music workshop project, which bears his name, is to carry forward the jazz tradition in Piešťany. It seeks to pass on this rich legacy to budding musicians and aid in creating a new generation of performers and creators.

Esteemed lecturers from renowned universities in Prague, Brno, and Budapest will oversee the teaching and ensure the quality of education. The program includes a wide range of music courses that employ sophisticated teaching methodologies to assist talented students in securing admission to prestigious foreign music schools or enhancing their existing musical knowledge and skills.

Why should you participate?

Basic reasons why it is good to be interested in participating in our jazz workshop.
Medzinárodná jazzová dielňa Doda Šošoku 2023 - plagát
Poster of the International Dodo Šošoka Jazz Workshop 2023.


At our workshop, our jazz experts will offer participants extensive knowledge and practical experience in jazz, including composition, improvisation, and performance. Additionally, our lecturers are highly regarded in the European jazz community, which adds to the significance of their instruction.


Experience the atmosphere of a community where you are in touch with jazz from morning to night and in some cases even from night to morning. All the time.

Education is the best gift

You can consider giving the gift of participation in the workshop to someone in your neighborhood who shares your interest in jazz music and is seeking avenues to enhance their learning.

Attendee Registration

Flat rate

298 €

149 €*

Granted access to individual and group lessons of the selected instrument
Granted access to concerts of lecturers and ensembles
Granted access to the jamsessions
Discounts up to 20% from prices of our partners (will be specified)
Accomodation in dormitory **
* -  thanks to support of FPU (Fund for support of art) registration fee is subject to 50% discount for our attendees
** -  low-comfort accomodation without price difference
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hours of playing


world class lecturers




musical instruments



Our partners

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The International Dodo Šošoka Jazz Workshop is a learning experience that caters to individuals of any age or gender who share a passion for jazz music and aspire to enhance their abilities in interpretation, composition, and improvisation. Don't hesitate, join us today and become a part of this enriching journey.
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